PRIGO | Penguin´s Kindergarten

Pingu´s English

Pingu's English is an English course for children aged 2 to 9. Teaching is playful and entertaining. Under the leadership of native speakers with pedagogical education, the children naturally learn vocabulary and grammar. During the course, the children are accompanied by the adventures of the penguin Pingu and his family…


Our Kindergarten

Our Kingergarten in Ostrava accepts children from the age of two. Penguin´s Kindergarten is located in cosy and pleasant premises on the Masaryk Square in the centre of Ostrava. Our garden is located within the Miniuni compound on Černá louka. It is a short distance walk from both Komenský Park.…



PRIGO is an exceptional group of schools, which has an irreplaceable position at all levels of the educational system, starting with the kindergarten and ending with the university. It focuses on development of students‘ language competencies and global international cooperation with foreign universities and other institutions. For this purpose, the…


PRIGO Smart kindergarten. Every little girl or boy will receive an iPad to use during instruction and at home!!

PRIGO is a kindergarten for life as it will be. We do our best to prepare our children to succeed in their future life, despite the fact that none of us has a clear idea as to what society and life will look like in a few decades. Our philosophy…



Střelniční 6/2
702 00 Ostrava
+420 733 651 644