My son loves going to kindergarten every day. It was a good decision. We are very satisfied with teachers.

Aina Aguilar

We are very satisfied with the Penguin Kindergarten. The lady teachers are great and the environment very pleasant. My daughter has made great progress both in communication and in eating (she did not want to eat almost anything before) and in basic skills. Highly recommended.


Zdeněk Tesařík

Eliška and Jonáš are very happy to be with the "Penguins". They look forward to going to nursery school and especially to their teacher Olga. We like the family atmosphere and the decor. There are also plenty of activities available. They do not enjoy English so much yet. We are happy that our children are happy in the nursery school.

Mr and Ms Bayer

We very much like the open and personal approach of Penguin’s Kindergarten with its mixed-age class, where younger children can learn from older ones. Parents can come to the nursery school at any time and even stay for some time with the children, which is not very common in other nurseries. English teaching is also very professional, both because of the native speakers, and the Czech teachers. Last but not least, we appreciate the good accessibility of the nursery school. Based on our own experience, we strongly recommend this nursery school.

Pavel Medvec

I am very satisfied with Penguin’s Kindergarten. My daughter has become very independent since she started attending, and has gradually become used to all the children. She also naturally knows English words and is able to respond in English. The attitude of the educators is professional and I can only recommend the kindergarten.

Dagmar Dreiseitelová

I am satisfied with the Penguin nursery school. Great staff, nice environment. If I can speak for myself, my daughter has made great progress both in communication and in eating (she did not want to eat almost anything before) and in basic skills. Highly recommended.



Our three-year-old Šimon is very satisfied at Penguin’s Kindergarten. Every morning, he looks forward to his friends and the lady teachers. The environment is very pleasant; its colourful decorations, logically organized space and homely atmosphere promote positive feelings in the child. The nursery is situated in an easily accessible location, which is a considerable advantage for us. We appreciate teaching in a small group of children and especially the natural teaching of English language at such a young age. Our son is immersed in English all day, and knowledge of the language will be very valuable for him. We also appreciate the extra activities organized for the children, for example, zumba classes or suburban camps planned for the summer holidays.

Simply put, Penguin’s Kindergarten is the best thing we could have chosen for our son.

Jiří a Darina Hubáček

Our toddler son has been attending Penguin’s Kindergarten since May 2014. We are very happy we have made such a good decision in choosing this nursery school which is situated in the centre of Ostrava. The teachers are smart, caring, full of enthusiasm and refreshing energy every day. We also appreciate that the day is structured, allowing time for many activities both indor and out. The environment is safe, trusting and comfortable. We can higly recommend the Penguin’s Kindergarten.

Karla and Zdenek Militky