PRIGO Smart kindergarten. Every little girl or boy will receive an iPad to use during instruction and at home!!

PRIGO is a kindergarten for life as it will be. We do our best to prepare our children to succeed in their future life, despite the fact that none of us has a clear idea as to what society and life will look like in a few decades. Our philosophy is based on the ten principles of the PriorityGo approach. We strive to educate creative children with a strong sense of adaptability and flexibility who will be able to prove themselves successful in life both at home and abroad. We emphasize modern didactic methods and the development of transferable competencies in teaching.


We focus on the use of modern technologies. We use mobile devices and the Internet environment in a reasonable way during educational activities in our kindergarten. Our goal is for technologies to become a natural part of life, a tool for solving problems and simplifying work and life in general, not as a mean of consuming free time and replacing one’s personal social ties. Meanwhile, we respect the traditional values and our cultural-historical environment.

From the school year 2020/2021, all children enrolled in our kindergarten will receive iPads, and so will their teachers. All devices will always be new, it will be possible to use it for school, extracurricular and personal needs, and after successful completion of the study, it will be left to the personal ownership of the pupil or student for a symbolic or residual price.